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What is the project about?

Improving Road Safety is a project aimed at strengthening road safety management in local communities, introducing an improved injury classification system (MAIS3+ injury scale) and improving road  infrastructure safety by identifying and eliminating risky road sections and dangerous locations (black spots), using internationally recognized road infrastructure improvement tools and methodologies, such as RSA, RSI, RSIA, BSM, iRAP, etc.

Project goals

The project Improving Road Safety consists of the following results to be achieved at the end of the project, using internationally recognized road infrastructure methodologies.


  • Improved capacity of road safety management at local communities of the Republic of Serbia;
  • Established MAIS3+ injury scale data collection;
  • Improved road infrastructure management at national and local level and evaluation of state of road safety on national roads of the Republic of Serbia (in accordance with Directive 2008/96/EC).
  • Transport
EuropeAid reference
EuropeAid/139317/DH/SER/RS; Service Contract No: 2019/408-104
  • Improving the quality, safety and capacity of the road transport network in the transport sector
  • Improving the development of the South East Europe Core Regional Transport Network with special focus on road safety
City / District
Republic of Serbia
EU Contribution
2,049,940 €
Negotiating chapter
  • 14 - Transport policy,
  • 18 - Statistics,
  • 21 - Trans-European networks
Implementation period
August 2019 - August 2021
MCTI, RTSA, MoI-TPA, MoH, PERS, local governments
Implemented by
This project is implemented by the Consortium led by SAFEGE